American Municipal Power was founded in 1971 when a group of municipally owned electric systems joined forces to lower costs and increase the reliability of their power supply to benefit their consumer-owners. Today, AMP has grown to serve 129 members – 128 member municipal electric communities in the states of Ohio (83), Pennsylvania (29), Michigan (6), Virginia (5), Kentucky (3) and West Virginia (2) and the Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation, a joint action agency headquartered in Smyrna, Delaware.


To be Public Power’s leader in wholesale energy supply.


To develop, manage and supply diverse, competitively priced, reliable wholesale energy to public power through strategic partnerships and member-focused relationships.


  • Cooperation: Work together to achieve common goals.
  • Integrity: Be honest, fair, reliable and ethical.
  • Innovation: Develop new and creative approaches that increase value to our members.
  • Action Oriented: Anticipate, adapt and act.
  • Effective Communication: Foster open, honest, timely and responsible two-way communications; listen actively and show respect for others.
  • Member Focus: To continually improve timely, dedicated and professional support to our members and their customers.

American Municipal Power was founded with the purpose of providing the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power and energy to its members at lower costs. This purpose is served by:

  • Joint ownership of electric facilities.
  • Pooled buying power in the energy markets.
  • Pursuing additional means of generating, transmitting and distributing electric power and energy.

The original members were all located in Ohio, giving American Municipal Power-Ohio, or AMP-Ohio its name. By 2009, AMP-Ohio had grown to serve member communities in six states, thus the Board of Trustees dropped Ohio from the name to better reflect the growing geographic footprint.


Today, AMP has grown to serve public power communities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Kentucky and West Virginia and a joint action agency in Delaware. As a nonprofit corporation, we are owned and governed by our members, who are in turn owned and governed by their more than 625,000 customers.

AMP manages and supplies competitively priced, reliable wholesale power to member municipal electric systems. We purchase wholesale electric power and sell it to members at rates based on the purchase price and dispatch fees plus a small service fee. We also negotiate and coordinate power-supply options and interconnection agreements and operate an energy control center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to serve our member communities.

AMP owns and manages a diverse array of power resources, allowing members to select the sources that best meet their unique needs. We own/operate fossil fuel and renewable generation and are developing a number of other generation assets to meet members’ short- and long-term needs through a variety of joint ventures. We aggressively pursue an array of new power resources, including fossil fuels, hydroelectric, solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy.

We also provide a wide range of additional services on a cooperative, nonprofit basis for the mutual benefit of all member communities.