The following images illustrate the progress of Meldahl’s construction in 2012.
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Aerial view

Unit 1 transformer pit west wall reinforcement

Set Unit 2 stay cone (centering cone) assembly

MWH – Unit 1 draft tube deck embedded piping


Setting Unit 1 stay cone – centering cone assembly

View of the intake area looking downstream

Concrete placement with 61 Meter Pump Truck

Unit 3 bulb turbine housing


Hardfill trial placement

View of the bulb turbine housing

Piping installation

View of intermediate draft tube liner formwork


Lifting Unit 3 bulb turbine housing for installation

Aerial view looking upstream

Unit 3 bulb turbine housing staged for installation

Overview of the intake area looking downstream


Aerial view

Powerhouse view looking into Ohio

Rotating bulb turbine housing to vertical position for

Tailrace concrete formwork and shoring



Installing septic system in spoil area 1

Powerhouse construction crane – erect stiff-leg derrick

Setting formwork and reinforcing steel for the powerhouse

Formwork and reinforcement for Units 1-2 intake walls


Assembling the bulb turbine housing

Unit 2 draft tube invert

Formwork for draft tube concrete

Welding and aligning work for the draft tube liner


Looking downstream at the draft tube liner installation

Interior wall reinforcement for powerhouse concrete

Setting Unit 1 Section 1 for DTL installation

Bracing Unit 1 legs for draft tube liner


Aerial view

Testing draft tube embedded piezometer piping

Powerhouse reinforcement for stairway A

Overview of the draft tube area


Smoothing and leveling the concrete surface

Preparatory welding

Rock surface preparation powerhouse mud mat,
lower pool, river side

Installing embedded piping



Pouring and placing concrete

Concrete placement preparation for tower crane pads

View of nitrogen being added to the concrete mix

Preparation for concrete placement


Powerhouse reinforcement – Unit 2 dewatering and
oil-water separator pits

A segment of the draft tube liner


Rock preparation for mud mat

Mud mat placement


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